“Bones” New Single out on 8th October 2020

“Having an emergency meeting with your emotions and insisting they take a long-overdue leave of absence.”

“Bones” is out on 8th October.  This was written by my long time co-writer Donald Ross Skinner and a co-writer friend of his Paul Kennedy. As some of you know I’ve been out of action for a while and for a small time I didn’t miss playing but it didn’t take long to get back into doing some music again. I was struggling to make a living doing my own music only so I started teaching ukulele in London which I loved and then met and married a farmer in East Sussex. Since moving here I’ve really laid down roots and I feel more settled than I ever have. I am farming again, something I did for 6 years before moving into London to pursue a career in music..

So I’ve plunged my all back into country life and I love it. I’m getting muddy and grubby and tons of fresh air and it feeds and soothes my soul. It does make finding time to make music harder but I think I can’t live without both in my life. I feel extremely lucky to be able to do both and even though I have lots of new songs of my own when Donald played me this song (pre-Covid)  I could really relate to it then but after the start of the year I was having, I could relate to it even more.

This year has been bad for everyone but just as we were going into lockdown in February, my cousin died suddenly. Then in March, my father died suddenly and then my step-father in April.

We had already recorded the backbone of the song and I had been trying to do the vocal at home for a while but I guess after all that, the words in Bones just bounced out at me and the song sang itself really.  Singing is so good for anyone’s soul. I’m so pleased we’ve recorded it and we are releasing it.

As well as the original song we also have 2 remixes and a video.

The musicians on the song are Donald, of course, on bass guitar, electric guitar and producing, writing, mixing and engineering the song, Fergus Gerrand – Percussionist and drummer, he plays with so many amazing bands and he’s an old friend from the session days and Tim Hutton on brass. I’ve known Tim a long time too and have always wanted to work with him. Donald, Fergus and I recorded this and a few other songs in Savage Sound Studios, Hastings before lockdown but Tim recorded his parts at his home and sent them to us. Final mixing and fairy dust sprinkling and some more recording were done at Donald’s home studio and mine.

Mastering by Dave Draper

The remixers are Fauxplay and Shape Of Space

Fauxplay is a guy called Doug McCourt who I met through a friend in Queens Park when I was living there for a bit. I love his remixes and his own stuff and feel so lucky he’s been happy to do another remix for me. “Heatwave” another one he’s done will be out next year.

Shape Of Space are 2 guys. Paul Greendale and                   . I’ve known Paul for years too, from the hazy crazy dayz of Kensal Rise.

The video was made by Jeremy Singer of Hank The Pop Group . This connection came through a wonderful old friend of mine called Krista who lives in Toronto, where Jeremy is from. She had been working with him and had sent some short vids. I love what he does and he very kindly did this video for us. THANKS Jeremy! Pedro De La Hedgerow filmed me. Thanks to you too Pedro.

Indeed thank you to everyone involved and to you for visiting.

Our next song will be out in November. Hope you enjoy this one. Claire and the team.